First Flight Of N516RC

afterFirstFlightBy Robert Cutter

N516RC, #72779, RV 7, TW, Slider, flew for the first time at about 8 pm on Saturday, May 3, 2014. After 7-3/4 years of building by my wife (aka Moonpie) and me (aka RVRC), Moonpie II took air beneath her wings over KCUB. As dark was rapidly approaching, I only flew for 0.2 hr. The Y0-360-A1A and blended airfoil Hartzell prop had it leap into the air almost before I was ready. WOW what a thrill! The landing was fine, straight forward, no problems.

There are so many people to thank for assistance in building this plane. First would have to be my wife. She has bucked 99% of the rivets and did 99.9% of the fiberglass work. This has definitely been a joint project. Ken (Lurch) Harrill (RV6) was my tech councilor and backed up by James (Chatterbox) Clark (RV6, 6A, 8). James also flew chase on my first flight. Ken was Mission Controller. Other RV people involved were Tom and Don Roberts, Mike Hoover, Scott McElroy, Eduardo Irizarry, Mac Burton, Steve Richardson, Clark Schadle, Melinda Harrill, Bill and Carol Deane, Rick Morris and DAR Vic Syracuse. Many thanks to every one of you. Also thanks to some non-RVers, Jack, Ron and many others from EAA Chapter 242.

Thanks to everyone at Advanced Flight System for a wonderful product and support, Stein and crew at SteinAir. Are you happy Stein? I’m broke!  Cleaveland Aircraft Tool, Avery Tools, Vertical Power, Aircraft Spruce, Classic Aero Designs for a great interior and of course Van’s Aircraft for a great airplane! I know there is no way I could have built this without VAF and all the people that have had input on the forums. You have put information here that I have searched and re-searched in finding solutions to our questions. Because of that, I have only had to contact the factory a couple of times. Thanks, Doug, for the site []!


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2 Responses to First Flight Of N516RC

  1. Ron Shelton says:

    congrats Robert –what a thrill

  2. pat lesesne says:

    congulation to you and your wife.I know its been a major undertaked for both of you. Would love a ride in it when time permits. I miss my old hanger and the many hours we flew together..Your were and still one of the best pilot I have regards pat lesesne

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