SAC Guidelines


The Palmetto Sport Aviation Center (SAC) was established by Chapter 242 of the Experimental Aircraft Association of Columbia, S.C. for the educational, social and recreational use of its members as individuals and as groups. In order that Chapter members may enjoy the use of the SAC to the maximum and that the Center be maintained properly, the Board of Directors of EAA Chapter 242 has approved the following guidelines for use of the facility.

• All rules and regulations governing the activities of the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapters will be applicable to the use of the SAC.
• The SAC may be used by members for group activities if the majority of the group consists of current members.
• Other members may not be excluded from the facility during such activities.
• The use of the facility for a group activity must be scheduled on a designated calendar and such activities will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.
• No smoking in the facility
• Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult member when in the facility.
• No pets allowed in the facility.
• No overnight sleeping in the facility.
• Equipment may not be removed from the facility except for special functions sponsored by the Chapter. They must be returned within 24 hours of special function.
• No soliciting for non EAA sponsored activities may be done in the Center.
• Gifts may be made to the facility. All gifts must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors and such gifts become the property of Chapter 242.
• Loans, including pictures, furniture etc. may be made to the facility. The conditions associated with a loan must be specified in writing by the lender before the loan can be considered for approval by the Board of Directors.
• All food preparation must be confined to the kitchen.
• The Chapter assumes no liability for personal property of members, their families or guests.
• The kitchen is designed for use for official group functions, but may be used by individuals.
• Individuals using the kitchen are responsible for leaving it clean.
• Any food placed in the refrigerator by an individual must be in a closed container and unused food must be removed by the end of the day.
• Personal items may be placed in the refrigerator only when space is available.
• Members and their guests engaged in commercial enterprises may not solicit business within the facility.
• No poster, pamphlets or any other items affecting the aesthetics of the facility will be permitted except as authorized by the Board of Directors or appropriate committee.
• Persons may place notices of interest to members, including advertisements on the bulletin boards.
• These regulations may be amended by action of the Board of Directors.

Revised by action of the Board 9/2009