Our workshop is located at the opposite end of the hangar row from the SAC. Chapter members may enjoy using our workshop for only $10 per year. This is to cover the costs of buying keys and maintaining the workshop.

The equipment list includes: two belt sanders, a drill press, a bench grinder, a two band saws, a radial arm saw, a sheet metal break, a C Frame dimpler, a work table and a shear metal shear.

Click here to see a quick walk-around tour of our workshop…

Please contact our workshop chairperson, Ken Harrill, for more information and to learn how you may obtain access to our workshop.

Palmetto Sport Aviation Association
Workshop Policies

To foster sport aviation by encouraging the development of knowledge and skill in the construction and maintenance of aircraft.

A. To maintain equipment for use by our members that is normally unavailable because of size, expense, infrequent need, or restrictions on use of equipment in hangars. Such equipment does not normally include hand tools, supplies, or materials that are consumed in a relatively short period of use.
B. To provide a setting for our members to learn from our more experienced members and to share their skill and knowledge with others.

Conditions and Contingencies:
A. The shop will be used only by members who are authorized to do so by the Board of Directors through the Workshop Committee.
B. The workshop will be locked and only authorized members will have access. Authorized members who allow unauthorized use of the workshop will lose their privileges.
C. Authorization of members to use the workshop will be based upon:
1. A checkout by the workshop committee on the procedures and equipment operation.
2. Signature on a “hold harmless” agreement.
3. Payment of an annual usage
D. Equipment placed in the shop, whether purchased or donated, must have prior approval of the Workshop Committee and comply with the above stated objectives.