December 2014/End Of Year Young Eagles Report

EAA Chapter 242 Young Eagles Program

EAA Chapter 242 Young Eagles Program

December Young Eagles: Good Day But Cold and Closed out a Good Year

We had a good day in December but it was cold and two of our aircraft were hampered by the cold temps so it was a little slow going. We flew 31 kids and this brings us to 460 year to date. We had a good year. This is a little under our 2013 total but during 2014 we had 3 months when weather prevented flying. Our all time total is now 10814.

The Spann Watson Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen returned and provided a great cookout as well as bringing some young eagles. They also made a nice monetary contribution to our young eagles program. We thank them for their assistance dedication to our program.

Our guests were also given tours of the SC Historic Aviation Foundation Hangar and Museum. There they got to see the progress in restoration work on the historic B-25 airplane.

The January young eagles will be a big day as we expect a good turn out of young eagles so need lots of help. See the announcement below.

Pilots participating or adding young eagles in December: Doug Barnes, Brad Blackburn, Ron Johnson, Tom Roberts and Mark Russell. We welcome new EAA 242 young eagles pilots, Brad Blackburn and Mark Russell. Brad already managed to get his 10 for 2014. For the year, Al Folger was the number one pilot with 80 young eagles, and, David Nieves and Paul Carter were in the low 40s. By the way, 80 young eagles provides $4oo in scholarship credits toward sending youth to EAA Air Academy !

The ground volunteers in December were: George Batten, Joe Berger, Sharon Berger, Bill Blythe, Kellie Hosonitz, Tristan Keisler, Xen Motsinger, Phil Pesek, Alice Ann Reu, Jean Roberts, David Shelton, Ron Shelton, Erika Sineath and Kelly Smutylo.

We thank all those pilots and ground crew volunteers that participated in 2014 –many of them were active for several different events.

Next month we will start the new year with the leadership of Phil Pesek. We are looking forward to that and wish him much success.

Please assist in finding more Young Eagles so we can continue to excel –we all encounter families and groups with kids ages 6-18 which we can tell about our program and invite.

EAA 242 sent two young eagles to Air Academy in the Summer of 2014. Tyler Smuck and Samuel Whatley(both age 15) traveled to Oshkosh on July 7. They did a fine job of reporting on their Airventure at the EAA 242 meeting in August and both have been active volunteers with our young eagles events. In a few weeks will be selecting one or more youth to sponsor their attendance at Air Academy 2015. Please consider a donation to the Selina Wolf Foundation( a 501c3) to help EAA 242 support more of this kind of activity(sending youth to Air Academy). Send donation to: Selina Wolf Foundation, C/O Gerry Biehl, EAA 242 Hangar, 1400 Jim Hamilton Blvd., Columbia, SC 29205.

Our next regular event is on Saturday January 10, 9am – 11:30am. Note: We are expecting a good turnout. We will need lots of pilots and ground volunteers so we can get a large group of children flown.

Pilots participating in 2014: Doug Barnes 28, Brad Blackburn 10, Harry Bous 18, Paul Carter 41, James Clark 8, Ron Claypool 1, Don Cook 5, Steve Cromer 25, Neal Deye 6, Francis Drayton 9, Maxwell Esquenazi 1, Jack Fastnaught , Bo Fender 14, Al Folger 80, Cantzon Foster 17, Mike Hoover 3, Ron Johnson 21, Scott Linaberry 12, Larry Maner 15 , Rick Morse 21, David Nieves 43, Doug Oates 15, Philip Pesek 15, Eddie Price 3, Don Purcell 21, Steve Richardson 2, Don Roberts 7 , Tom Roberts 18, Mark Russell 2, Steve Sanderson 2, Tony Speranza 2.

Our Ground Volunteers in 2014: George Batten, Joe Beatty, Joe Berger, Rocky Berger, Sharon Berger, Brad Blackburn, Bill Blythe, Harry Bous, Claude Chevalier, Al Folger, James Hagerty, Kellie Hosonitz, Tristan Keisler, Kate McLaurin, Xen Motsinger, David Nieves, Clinton Parnell, Phil Pesek, Ken Plantz, Alice Ann Reu, Jean Roberts, Tom Roberts, David Shelton, Parker Shelton, Ron Shelton, Erika Sineath, Tyler Smuck, Kelly Smutylo and Samuel Whatley.

Go to and select the World’s Largest Logbook to see a listing of all the EAA 242 totals since 1992.

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  1. Ron Shelton says:

    Thanks to all who assisted with young eagles in 2014

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